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Here are some video links explaining how iViewer360 works..


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(Please note, you will NOT be able to capture images with this app)

You can view panoramic images created with any method.
If you own a FARO Focus 3d Laser Scanner, you can export each individual scan as a panoramic image (which can be viewed in iViewer360).

To view your images in iViewer360 use these options:
1. Transfer it via iTunes (drag and drop image in the apps folder)
2. Upload the image to a web folder and access the url (internet address of the image in the web folder) in the browser portion of iViewer360. Wireless Access or Data Plan is required to view images in a web folder.
3. Send the images to us to create a webfolder on (charges apply), we can also create a top down view of your scene or scan area with colored circles linked to the panoramic views (great for crime scenes). The folder can be password protected for security.
4. Use Dropbox to store a launch page with images

You can also set your own image as the default background.


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Detailed Instructions

NOTE: Under construction…. :-p
1. You will have the ability to upload your images to a web folder
2. You have a rudimentary understanding of html, or can use a WYSIWYG editor to create a simple page with “hot spot” areas to link to your panoramic images
3. You can also use Drop-box to store your images, including your overview image (no password protection available in dropbox).

We can of course provide those services to you for a nominal fee (including hosting in a password protected directory, should you need it).

To create a navigational experience for your viewers (like the image below)
You will create an image that captures the essence of your scene/view.
Adding colored circles where the scans/images were taken from (typically in Photoshop or similar) aids in indicating where your viewers should touch to “jump” to that view.

html based screen with “hot spots”

In an html editor, (Dreamweaver or comparable), you will create “hot spots” corresponding to the scan/image. If you place your “home/guide” page in the same directory as your panoramic images, the code to link to the pano image is very simple.
You can download the entire example HERE to test for yourself (complete with images)

Dropbox method

NEW with the latest version:
Now you can simply import directly from your Dropbox account.
There is an option to open from Dropbox, a webfolder, your photo library or from the iViewer360 library. Choose “Dropbox” and your account will open.
Navigate to the image of your choice and tap to open.

The functionality is excellent.


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